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What Causes Skin Aging?

Skin Aging

Let me ask you a question. What’s the first thing you think of when you think about Korea? Is it a Kpop, is it a Kdrama, or is it a Kbeauty? Well, anyways, I don’t know if this word rings the bell, but do you know what Dong-Ahn means? It means baby faces. So, many Koreans hear that they look younger than they are. So aren’t you curious what their secrets are?

4 Factors That Cause Aging of the Skin

Let me tell you the four factors beyond what causes age. The first one is UV rays. UV exposure is the direct cause of aging. And if your skin is exposed to the UV rays for a long time, the production of collagen in dermis decreases and this makes the skin thinner. This causes changes in the elastic fibers of the skin. So, this causes a reduction in the elasticity of our skin, and also it will lead to wrinkles later on.

UV rays

Number two is free radicals. Created from ourselves cutaneous fat in our body, free radicals damage ourselves and play a huge role in protecting our body’s aging.

So, moving on to the third factor is dry skin. As you age, less sebum is produced. So the rate of aging just accelerates as you age. Because less sebum is produced, causing dryness due to a lower level of moisture in our skin.

Number four is a lifestyle. So, I know that a lot of things in our lifestyles can cause aging fast. But smoking, in particular, can cause and speed up the process of our skin aging. Very interestingly, when we make those movements when we blow out the smoke, I guess, when we smoke, that motion can cause wrinkles. When we do this, it can lower level of oxygen around our mouth, which can lead to the formation of wrinkles.

When Should You Start Anti-Aging Care?


Now, most importantly, when should you start anti-aging? I know that many of you are curious and you should be, that’s a nice question that you should ask yourself. Now, in Korea, there’s a saying that says “You can lie about your age, but your skin doesn’t lie.” So what it means that the years that you have lived, I mean you can lie about your age, but your skin, it will show. But depending on how well you take care of your skin, how well do anti-aging, you can look five years or even ten years younger than how old you are. And while it’s true that aging starts for most people when they’re 25 or mid-20s, it might be different for every single individual. So, it’s always good to prepare and prevent aging, isn’t it? Even for you in your teens, who feel like you want to start anti-aging, why don’t you start by using products that have vitamin C or just delicious ingredients for anti-aging in it?

So, it’s essential before aging starts that you prevent it. Anti-aging is crucial for those of you starting in your mid-20s. Even if you’re in your late 20s, it’s not too late; you can slow down the process of aging. And honestly, no matter how old you are, it doesn’t matter, it’s never too late. Let’s slow down the process of aging together.