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How To Improve Your Erections

In this article, I am going to tell you how to improve your erectile function naturally.

Minimize or quit alcohol and cigarettes

Alcohol might lower your inhibitions, but it will also lower your potency. So moderate to heavy alcohol use sets off a chain of chemical reactions, which all contribute to diminishing your erectile power. In short, they disrupt the chemical supply chain that you need to create and maintain strong erections, cutting off your supply of nitric oxide, dopamine, and testosterone.

Cigarettes also decrease blood flow, and they damage the elastic erectile tissue, so that your penis cannot expand as large. Cigarettes actually shrink your penis by as much as 1 centimeter, which is a pretty astonishing statistic and motivation to quit smoking.


Your waking-sleep patterns govern the timing and release of your hormones. So if you aren’t getting enough sleep for your body or if it’s very irregular, your system will be confused. And if you stick to a regular sleep rhythm, you’ll actually optimize your hormones. And know this: one hour of sleep before midnight is equivalent to two hours of sleep after. So if you go to sleep at 10 pm and you get up at 4 am, you’ve actually had eight hours of sleep. And there you go. Less sleep is more time to act on your morning woods. Morning sex is actually the best sex that you can have any time of the day.


So there are some very powerful penis herbs out there. Unlike Viagra, these herbal remedies are free of dangerous side effects and they work to long-term restore and heal, rather than just provide a temporary band-aid, like I said Viagra. And these herbs not only give you stronger erections,but they work on other levels as well. Most libido and penis strengthening herbs have overall energy boosting effects and even antidepressant effects on your system.

So here are a few of the heaviest hitters.

Ginseng, which is often called herbal Viagra. This is long considered a tonic and revitalizer of the whole body. Juicing boosts your metabolism and optimizes your hormonal balance, it increases energy, reduces stress, and cures impotence. It’s also been found to improve copulatory function.

Saffron. Recent studies have revealed saffron to be not only a powerful aphrodisiac and erection booster, but also an antidepressant. Well, as comparing the effects of Prozac to saffron on mild to moderately depressed people, the results were identical. “Saffron causes a person’s heart to be happy,” this is a quote from a traditional Chinese medicine text from the Mongol dynasty. Look at that. A happy heart and a happy penis.

Pine pollen or tree sperm, as I like to call it. Many men experience more energy and stronger morning wood after just one dose of Pine pollen. Not only does Pine pollen turbo-charge your erections, it increases your overall vitality, energy levels, optimism, testosterone, and your sperm count and fertility. It’s also chock-full of vitamins, minerals, which are anti-aging antioxidant and aid in workout recovery, which is just overall an incredible tool for men.

See, anything that helps you to make love better, helps you to live better.


There have been studies done, where acupuncture cured erectile dysfunction in 40-75% of the participants. So acupuncture works not only on a physical level, but an emotional and psychological one as well. All of these areas are essential to address.

Are you loving life?

How ballsy are you in your life? Do you take chances? Do you speak your mind? Do you go after what you want? Your penis is going to reflect all of these things. Most people don’t realize that the genitals are the direct expression of your inner being,of your true self and your nature. If you as a man are shrinking from life, your penis will shrink too. If you’re full of courage, and strength, and vigor, your penis is going to reflect that. So are your loving life? Men who live with bravery, have erections and penis that reflects this, they are wickedly hard and swollen with all that confidence. And the opposite is true for men, who cover from life, their penises are shrinking.

I once had a client come to see me, who was concerned about his erection; he was having issues with impotence, and he was young and healthy, and had no good reason to be having this happen. And I asked him: “Are you loving life? So are you throwing it down on the bed and taking what’s yours?”.  And we know that the penis is the extension of the man, and so I asked him about his work. And he had a job, where he felt like his talents weren’t being fully recognized, and he felt very held back and limited. Impotent if he will. So we spoke to him talking to his bosses about a promotion or a different position, that would better showcase his talents. So he did that, and then a few weeks later he came back, he not only gotten the promotion, but he was being transferred to this new city to start up another branch office, and he was ecstatic. And so was his penis, total return in full force of his erection. And I asked him: “Now are your loving life?”. And he smiled, and he said: “I’m bending it over, and I’m slamming into the headboard, and pounding the shit out of it.” Star client.

So the more that you show up in life, the more that you show up in your penis. Your penis tells you everything.

Potency breeds potency

The men who were the most ferociously sexual and have potent erections, live potent lives. They exercise power, and they have plenty of room to do so, they are kings and so are their peniss.

What Doctors Say About Male Enhancement Pills?

There are so many different kinds of male enhancement pills out there that you can choose. If you are searching for an excellent quality of male enhancement pills, you do need to read some reviews and do some research. Despite so, the best way to get a high quality of male enhancement pills would be through doctor recommendation. For that very reason, we want to give you some specialists’ advice about these supplements and what they say about them. Here are some of the best doctor recommended male enhancement pills that you can get by yourself.

Maca Magic


Doctors generally agree with the concept of male enhancement pills because it is a part of advancement in the science field. Back in the day, men that are not gifted in the sexual department had only a few options. Nowadays they have so many pills to choose to increase their sexuality.

One of the best products that you can get to enhance your desire would be this product called Maca Magic. Maca Magic is made out of Maca extract which is known as a high-quality male sexual enhancer. Despite so, according to doctors, this product is not as effective as other herbs such as horny goat weed. In fact, it has such a weak effect on male sexuality. Despite so, you can always try this herb as it has different results for different people.



If you want to buy male enhancement pills that have an excellent quality of the review, Longinexx can be one of them. It is one of those products that has such a right formula that is made out of herbal ingredients. Longinexx is clearly one of the most recommended male enhancement pills by doctors as it is highly efficient and super affordable. So if you are looking for a high quality of the product, this is the one that you should really try.



One of the most recommended products by doctors would be this product called SizeGenix. It is a high-quality product that has so many different benefits. These are some of the most common benefits that you can get from the pills.

Sizegenix is known as a libido enhancer in male sexuality. Thus, after taking this product, you will experience a significant increase in your sex drive. This is such a great suplement for the elderly especially because they don’t have that much of a sex drive anymore in that age.

Sizegenix is also such a great tablet that will increase your control over the orgasm or ejaculation. For those who suffer from premature ejaculation will definitely benefit from this product. You get to experience a high-quality fo orgasm if you take it along with better control over your ejaculation.

Increased erection size is also one of the best benefits that you can get from these pills. You get to have a firmer yet also slightly noticeably increased the size of erection. Thus, Sizegenix is highly recommended by doctors and medical experts for sure.