Panarchy. What is that?

Panarchy is the human right to choose your government as you choose your religion. It is about the right of every human being to live in a government to which they give their consent freely and fully. It is about the right of every human being to live in a government that fully respects them as a human person.

When the founders of our country began to suffer from injustices perpetrated by their own rulers in England, they stood up and declared their independence, pledging their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. And more than this, they turned away from familiar forms of government and established their own, knowing that, as human beings, they had that inalienable right. Government, after all, gets its right to govern by the consent of the people.

The right to choose for oneself a form of government conducive to ones values and needs did not expire with the last of the founding fathers. We too, as human beings, continue to have this inalienable right. What we do not have, at the present time, is the ability to exercise that right. This is a situation that we wish to correct.

To do so, we are proposing the creation of non-territorial governments, governments which exist in the same territory, but which do not exercise a monopoly within that territory. Each government is to be peopled by, and only by, those who freely choose it. These governments do not claim to represent all people within a territory, but only those who choose to be part of them, just as a religious congregation does not claim to represent all people in the territory in which it serves, but only its members. Each government in turn provides services to those who have chosen it and to no others.

In other words, we seek to make known, and encourage all people to embrace, the inalienable human right to choose your government as you choose your religion.

We know it is possible for people to freely choose their religion, though this right is, in fact, a fairly recently discovered right, given the long passage to human history.

But, you may ask, is it even possible to choose one’s government? To help answer this question, we propose a second government for Cherry Hill. We call that government, Government B, to distinguish it from the current township government, which we call Government A. The people of Government B freely choose to be part of it, and to not be a part of Government A. However, as you will see on the page of this website that discusses Government B in more depth, the two (and possibly more) governments which exist side by side in Cherry Hill, provide the services of government together, by cooperation.

The founders of this country gave their all to provide the foundations of a new life for us on this continent. They acted with extraordinary courage to throw off that which had proven burdensome, and build something new and beautiful. Let us honor their memory by following in their footsteps. It is time now to recognize that freedom which is at the heart of humanity, and let all people know that they have the right to choose their government as they choose their religion.